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Question: How long does it take for my order to ship

Answer: Stick orders are being made to order and take roughly 5-7 days to ship and even more time for cones as they take longer to dry.(3-7 days)  Some times if a lot of orders come in at once it could be up to ten days. and more for cones.This ensures the freshest sticks possible as all orders are made to order. Thanks for your understanding in this.  There is no way to speed up the process I tried doing stuff ahead and it gets dried out and I have to redo it so just do it right the first time.   Plan ahead is the best option to get the best incense possible. 

Important Notice on Checks -  I will not start your order until payment has cleared.  Up to 10-12 business days after I receive the check.   So it could take roughly 3 weeks until I ship.  Same with eChecks I will not start your order until the payment has cleared.  Slightly less time than paper checks. Thanks for your understanding.


Question: Are your sticks hand dipped? I have seen people say their sticks are hand dipped but when I get them they look and smell like the same old sticks you can get at Wal-Mart or Kmart?

Answer: Yes I soak all my own sticks right here. Lots of stick retailers say that when in fact they are just cheap imported sticks. If the stick looks and smells like it came from Wal-Mart most likely that is the quality they are, cheap imported sticks. Once you order some real quality sticks you will be able to tell who is really hand dipping and who isn't. Trust me I have bought hand dipped sticks and then got them and they weren't.

Question: How long do you soak your sticks for? I have seen people saying they soak 3 days to a week.

Answer: I soak them for roughly 24 hours. The stick will only hold so much oil. It is like soaking a sponge in a pail of water. The sponge is only going to hold so much water
no matter how long you leave it in there. Soaking for longer than 24 hours is not necessary!

Question: Do you double dip your sticks?

Answer: No I do not double dip. Double dipping is not necessary if your using a high quality oil. That statement is really a marketing ploy for the most part. Maybe there really are people double dipping but it is simpler to just use a higher concentrated oil to make extra strength sticks. Trust me these sticks are strong.

Question: How long will your sticks burn and your cones?

Answer: The sticks will burn about 45-60 minutes, while the cones will burn about 30-40 minutes.

Question: Do you use Alcohol to make the sticks.

Answer: Nope, never ever.

Question: How often do you ship? Where will you ship?

Answer: I ship daily - 7 days a week ( If package is small enough to go in mail collection box). I hate waiting for items to arrive so I try and not make you wait any longer than necessary. I have had people get them in just two days. I will ship just about any place, contact me for shipping rates to your country.


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